• Ebbco Removal System

    Ebbco's Abrasive Removal System is designed to continuously remove exhausted abrasive that collects in the Waterjet catch tank, thus eliminating downtime for cleanout and maximizing production. The Abrasive Removal System can be adapted to any Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Machine.

    The Standard Abrasive Removal System comes complete with a Custom Fit Sweeper Package, Automatic Controls, Safety Shutdowns, Heavy Duty Separator, Heavy Duty Closed Column Pump and Abrasive Hopper with Removable Bag for Easy Disposal or Recycling.

    Ebbco Removal System



    "[Tech-Senseā„¢] saves on scrap parts and cuts down on wasted time by alerting us if the nozzle is clogged or if we run out of abrasive. This allows you to walk away and perform other tasks while the machine is running"

    - C & R Manufacturing >>

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