industrial equipment that forces a high pressure water stream through a small orifice for the purpose of clean, precise cutting by means of erosion. In industry terms, waterjet may also refer to the “Abrasive Waterjet,” which denotes a waterjet system that also uses an added abrasive agent to increase cutting power and accelerate cutting procedures. The phrase “Pure Waterjet” is used to signify a waterjet system that does not use an abrasive agent in addition to its high velocity water stream. Pure Waterjets are typically used to cut softer materials such as wood, food products, and plastics, while harder materials such as stainless steel and titanium are cut with an Abrasive Waterjet. Waterjets are widely applicable across many industries, and considered most favorable in those industries which require the cutting of materials sensitive to heat that is often generated by alternative cutting methods such as laser and plasma cutting.

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