Clamp Kit

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Clamp Kit

The TECHNI Waterjet Clamp Kit helps users easily achieve high quality and accurate parts from their TECHNI Waterjet by insuring that their material remains stationary and fixed while being processed.

Unwanted workpiece movement is the main source of error by new abrasive jet users.

All materials, including large and heavy plates, can sometimes move due to:

  • Material stress relieving during the cutting process
  • Support slats erosion causing change of material balance
  • Backwash of water and air rapidly circulating within the tank
  • Vibration of part material caused by the cutting process

By utilizing the TECHNI Waterjet Clamp Kit, which is solidly affixed to the base frame, the potential for movement of the material is dramatically reduced. The low profile design of the TECHNI Waterjet Clamp Kit also minimizes the risk of the PAC55 5-axis cutting head crashing into inferior part clamping and fixturing. The low profile TECHNI Waterjet Clamp Kit makes programming easy and does not require the programmer to navigate around large, bulky fixtures.

A clamp kit is available from TECHNI Waterjet in both metric bolts set part number (PACCK-000) and inch bolts set

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