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Softec Waterjet Cutting Software has been developed by Techni Waterjet with two very clear goals in mind;

  • To cut parts at the minimum cost with the greatest accuracy
  • To have a simple and intuitive interface with the operator.

The result, is a comprehensive “All In One” Windows based software, that is specifically designed for
Waterjet Cutting, which maximizes productivity and anyone with PC experience can learn to use quickly
and easily.

At the “Heart” of Softec™ is Tru-Cut Technology™, a highly sophisticated algorithms database that determines the optimum cutting speeds and machine ramping characteristics. Once you select the material to be cut, it’s thickness and surface edge finish required, the computer will take care of the rest, ensuring the minium cutting time for any given part. (note: you can also add new materials if required)

The algorithms database was developed with the benefit of over 30 years of waterjet cutting experience from KMT Waterjet (formerly Ingersoll-Rand). Through their thorough understanding of the effects of ultra high water pressure (up to 60,000 psi), abrasive types and volume, cutting head set-ups, corner geometry and the materials being cut, they can determine the optimum speeds and corner ramping characteristics for any given part.

Other Functions of Softec software include:

  • DXF Importation:– Softec™ will recognize DXF Files from all common CAD packages. This will allow for a rapid “drawing to part” process, that is extremely simple and easy to use, by either networking of computers or downloading with floppy disc, CD or USB connection. When importing DXF files , Softec™ will “cleanup” the files automatically. It can also convert the thousands of small lines from scanned images into arcs and curves.
  • Automatic Functions: Softec™ can automatically apply: Straight or Curved lead ins and lead outs, kerf compensation, square corners and automatic tabbing. Naturally these can also be manually added or edited.
  • Dynamic Wear Compensation: This will ensure the first part is as accurate as the last part made during the life of the focusing tube. The computer will automatically and continually adjust the Kerf width compensation as the focusing tube wears.
  • Set Plate Orientation: No need to line up your material, as the computer will automatically compensate – then simply jog to any two points along the material and the computer will do the rest.
  • Standard objects:- Select from a list of standard objects, and simply add the dimensions you require. Gaskets, flanges, boxes, cones and other standard objects can be produced on the computer in seconds.
  • Standard Library:- If you have objects or shapes that you produce regularly, simply add them to your library and bring them into a new project quickly and easily.
  • Multiple Piercing Options:- Low pressure piercing for brittle materials, Dynamic piercing for minium piercing time, Static piercing for very tight nests or small parts and No Piercing for “On the fly”, pre-drilled or “Off the Edge” applications.
  • Re-Start Cutting from Anywhere:- If at any time for any reason the cutting process is stopped, you can simply find the last line that was cut successfully and have the program continue to cut from that point.
  • Simple Troubleshooting:- A comprehensive Alarms Window to inform you of any potential machine faults. A log of the time and details of the last 20 alarms is presented, making diagnoses quick and easy, and maintenance simple.
  • Maintenance Timers:– Softec™ will record the actual running and cutting
    times to determine how long between consumables and maintenance changes – ideal for preventative maintenance.
  • Design Mode:- While the machine is cutting you can be preparing the next job, greatly increasing your productivity.
  • Pause Before Pierce and Pause After Cut:– Lets you remove or inspect after each cut, without interrupting the program.
  • Calculator:– A simple and easy to use on-line calculator is built into the software.
  • Simulation:– Run jobs “On the Screen” first, to ensure no errors, before potentially wasting material. Great for costing and quoting as the exact time to cut the part can be verified, and different set-ups can be checked to see exactly how they will affect the overall cutting time.
  • Array Nesting:– This allows you to rapidly nest parts in a grid pattern. Any number of different objects can be simply added to the nest.
  • Auto Nesting:– Parts will be automatically nested onto the sheet to optimize material usage. Parts can be nested into other parts. Editing is fast and simple with “drag and drop”, add object, rotate, delete and move order functions.
    Multiple Origin Points:- The auto start and cycle counter, allows for production from multiple fixtures. Ideal for batch runs where the operator can load/unload while the machine is cutting on another fixture.
  • Dry Running:– Allows you to physically run around the job with the cutting head turned off. This can be done much faster than at the cutting speed and is ideal to check location on a remnant piece of material. Can be started from anywhere on the program.
  • Five Different Edge Qualities:– A choice of Individually selectable edge qualities for each line of a part. Using color coding for the different qualities, it is easy for the operator to set different finishes for different areas of a part. For example, clearance holes could be cut with a “Coarse” finish while holes to be tapped would be cut with an “Extra Fine” finish. This will optimize the cutting time, dramatically increasing your output.
  • Jog and Inch Functions:– The machine can be easily “jogged” to a predetermined position or “inched” an exact amount.
  • Manual Override while Cutting or Jogging:– If while cutting you decide you want to move faster or slower, simply slide the “Adjustable Override” tab to the speed you desire.
  • C.A.D.:– A built-in, simple and easy to use CAD package allows the operator to perform simple tasks on the machine without the need to go back to a designer. Functions include; straight lines, curves, circles, elipses, arcs, squares, rectangles and notch’s. The “Text” function allows for quick and easy lettering from all your standard window fonts. Other “Editing” features include: Zoom functions, cut, copy, paste, scale, rotate, mirror, move, change order, fillet, divide, trim and measure.
  • Costing Properties Package:– Will determine the exact cost per hour to operate your machine, or the exact cost per part. Includes all consumables, maintenance, utilities costs, labor and depreciation.
  • Off Site Notification:– For long jobs, the auto Dialer enables the computer to send a text message to your phone in the case of a machine fault. When used in conjunction with Tech-Sense™ this makes “Lights Out” production a reality. (Optional)

ALL IN ONE PACKAGE. One of the best features of Softec™ is that you get all of these functions in the one single software package, with no need to jump between softwares. And as the Techni Waterjet Software developers continue to
improve and implement new features, you will get these benefits on future upgrades without the need to add new software packages.

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