What are the cost benefits of using a waterjet?

There are numerous long term, operational advantages to using waterjet cutting technology, including ample cost benefits. Waterjets provide savings in the amount of raw materials needed, as waterjets cut with very little kerf and without a HAZ (Heat-Affected Zone) because it is a cold cutting process. Waterjets also may reduce the need for additional material finishing, as material is erosion-cut, and therefore cutting edges are of high quality and unaltered. Within a waterjet, you’ll find pressurized water and an abrasive agent - that’s it! The cutting agents themselves are low cost, and this water and abrasive (usually garnet) are reusable and recyclable. Additionally, waterjets are able to cut through 12”+ of material, including layers of different types of materials, boosting productivity through efficient cutting loads.

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"Because [the Quantum ESP] is so efficient, we are able to cut faster without the need to upgrade our power supply from the utilities company."

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