Abrasive Waste Removal Systems

  • Techni Waste Removal System

    Techni Waste Removal System

    Designed to take the hard work out of tank cleaning, the Techni Waste Removal System collects used abrasive from the cutting stream via a tray fitted to the bottom of the waterjet tank. The abrasive slurry is then pumped to a heavy duty tipper bin mounted on a steel frame by an abrasive resistant diaphragm pump, designed specifically to handle the harsh abrasive environment. The pump includes hardened steel manifolds and long lasting santoprene bearings to withstand the abrasive slurry pumping action.

    The waste garnet abrasive settles to the bottom of the bin while the water is returned to the waterjet tank.

    The tipper bin can then be easily emptied by a forklift as required.

    Benefits include:

    • Eliminates third-party cleaning costs and time
    • Saves labor and down time costs
    • Minimizes risk of damaging machine during cleaning
    • Simple and clean to operate
    • Eliminates laborious manual cleaning of waterjet tank

    Techni Waste Removal System


    "Because [the Quantum ESP] is so efficient, we are able to cut faster without the need to upgrade our power supply from the utilities company."

    - JET CUT Australia >>

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