Closed Loop Systems


    Complete Water Recycling System

    To allow the user to “close” the drain and capture used cutting water, filter it, and re-use it into the pump. The system drastically reduces water consumption (essentially eliminates it, except for some make-up water from splashing and evaporation) and provides re-used clean, filtered and treated water back to the high pressure pump. The system insures your water exceeds quality specifications and includes:

    • System Base for mounting all items
    • Stainless Steel Horizontal Centrifugal Filter Pump
    • Stainless Steel Water Reservoir for clean and dirty holding tank
    • Stainless Steel Bag Filter Vessel (coarse filtration)
    • Stainless Steel Hurricane Cartridge Filter Vessel (sub-micron filtration)
    • Stainless Steel Resin Vessel (TDS control)
    • Stainless Steel Delivery Pump to provide cutting/cooling water
    • Electrical Controls Enclosure
    • Ozone Generator for Bacteria Control



    "[Tech-Senseā„¢] saves on scrap parts and cuts down on wasted time by alerting us if the nozzle is clogged or if we run out of abrasive. This allows you to walk away and perform other tasks while the machine is running"

    - C & R Manufacturing >>

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