Safety Options

  • Safety Guard

    Light Curtain Guarding

    Many high pressure waterjet cutting customers require an additional level of safety by including a Light Curtain Guarding along the front load/unload area of the waterjet system.

    The safety Light Curtain Guarding consists of an emitter unit and receiver unit mounted onto side safety fencing. The side fencing prevents operator side entry allowing access only from the front. The Light Curtain Guarding allows operator access only when the cutting cycle is complete and the high pressure waterjet is turned off. If the operator enters while the machine is cutting, the Light Curtain Guarding beam is broken, the circuit is interrupted and the system is automatically e-stopped and the high pressure water is dumped.

    Rear Guarding

    This feature will prevent an operator from reaching over from the back of the tank and ensure minimal risk. The Light Curtain Guarding and Rear Guarding work together to enhance employee safety while still allowing high level production.

    Safety Guard


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