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  • Intec-G2 i35

    The Intec-G2® Value Series of Water Jet Cutting Systems represents the greatest “VALUE” for money available in the world of profile abrasive Waterjet cutting. The Intec-G2® can cut almost any material to 8″ (200 mm) thick at maximum cutting speeds with minimum Capital outlay. The Intec-G2® is based on the same design platform as the Techjet-X3®. It is these same design solutions that will provide each Intec-G2® customer with a Waterjet machine that lasts longer and requires less maintenance, while delivering an easy to use, fast and accurate system at a very competitive price.

    Model i35
    Machine Size (L, W, H) (without pumps or bulk abrasive hopper) 1700x2600x2000 mm (5′ 5″ x 8′ 6″ x 6′ 6″)
    Machine weight (without water) 1600 kg (3530 lbs)
    Machine weight (with water) 5200 kg (12500 lbs)
    Cutting Table Size 1060 x 1670 mm (3′ 6″ x 5′ 6″)
    Cutting Area 915 x 1525 mm (3′ x 5′)
    Accuracy of Motion (per axis) ± 0.1mm (0.004″)
    Repeatability ± 0.025 mm (0.001″)
    Max. Air Speed 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
    Max. Cutting Speed 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
    Max. Material Thickness 200mm (8″)
    Important Notes: Due to a constant endeavour to improve the machine, the specifications may change without prior notice. All the above accuracy tolerances are correct at the calibration temperature of 20° ± 1° C.
    * Linear/Axis/Meter. **115 mm (4.5″) with PAC60 cutting head option fitted.

    Intec-G2 i35


    "[Tech-Sense™] saves on scrap parts and cuts down on wasted time by alerting us if the nozzle is clogged or if we run out of abrasive. This allows you to walk away and perform other tasks while the machine is running"

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