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  • Techjet-X3 1500

    The Techjet-X3® series is the latest in our evolution of innovative products to create a precision, easy-to-operate, safe and highly reliable Waterjet Cutting Machine. The Techjet-X3® is built to the highest tolerances and incorporates Linear Scale Feedback to ensure the highest accuracy of motion in the industry. By mapping the entire cutting area with a laser-calibrated digital interferometer, the motion system can deliver positional accuracy of 0.0005” (0.015mm) and high cutting speeds of up to 700 ipm or 17.5m/min.

    Model 1500
    Machine Size (L, W, H) (Does not include intensifiers or bulk abrasive hopper) 1700x2600x2000 mm (5′.5″ x 8′.6″ x 6′ 6″)
    Machine weight (without water) 1600 kg (3530 lbs)
    Machine weight (with water) 5200 kg (12500 lbs)
    Cutting Table Size 1060 x 1670 mm (3′ 6″ x 5′ 6″)
    Cutting Area 915 x 1525 mm (3′ x 5′)
    Accuracy of Motion (per axis) 0.025 mm (0.001″)
    Repeatability 0.015 mm (0.0005″)
    Max. Air Speed 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
    Max. Cutting Speed 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
    Max. Material Thickness 200 mm (8″)
    Important Notes: Due to a constant endeavour to improve the machine, the specifications may change without prior notice. All the above accuracy tolerances are correct at the calibration temperature of 20° ± 1° C.
    * Linear/Axis/Meter. **115 mm(4.5″) with PAC60 cutting head option fitted.

    Techjet-X3 1500


    "The Intec-G2 and QUANTUM NXT™ has reduced costs and given us a new ability to solve challenges in manufacturing. It has also given us quicker response to time sensitive projects."

    - Meyer Enterprises USA >>

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