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  • Intec-G2 i1020

    Intec-G2-1020 PDF

    Intec-G2 1020


    • Remote Control Pendent (M.P.G): The Remote Control Pendent makes setting up your waterjet machine fast, simple and accurate.
    • Skip And Float: Ensures a constant standoff height over warped or stress relieving materials.
    • Tech-Sense: To monitor the cutting head and pause the program prior to any blockage making "Lights Out" operation a reality.
    • Break Away Head Eliminates the risk of damaging the cutting head and scraping material in the event of a crash.

    More Options

    • Servo Z Axis: A programmable Z axis with auto height position recall.
    • EZY-Load Material Loading: Electrically actuated tilting arms allow for vertical loading of fragile materials such as glass and stone
    • Advanced Nesting: Increase material yield and minimize rapid feed times.
    • Water Raise/Lower for Submerged Cutting: By raising the water level and submerging the material. The operating noise level is reduced below safety limits.


    • Machine Size (L, W, H) (Does not include pumps or bulk abrasive hopper) 4200 x 8000 x 2000 mm (13'10 x 26'3" x 6'6")
    • Machine weight without water: 2600 kg (5370 lbs) Without Tank, 7170 kg (15810 lbs) With Tank
    • Machine weight with water: 21920 kg (48330lbs)
    • Cutting Table Size: 3200 x 6250 mm (10' 6" x 20' 5")
    • Cutting Area: 3050 x 6100 mm (10' x 20')
    • Accuracy Of Motion: plus/minus 0.15 mm (0.006")
    • Repeatability of motion: plus/minus 0.05 mm (0.002")
    • Max Air Speed: 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
    • Max Cutting Speed: 17.5m/min (700 ipm)
    • Max Material Thickness: 200 mm (8")

    Intec-G2 i1020


    "The Intec-G2 and QUANTUM NXT™ has reduced costs and given us a new ability to solve challenges in manufacturing. It has also given us quicker response to time sensitive projects."

    - Meyer Enterprises USA >>

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