Closed Loop Filtration System

  • 1 Cu. Ft Regeneration Coupon

    2 Cu. Ft Regeneration Coupon

    Ebbco inc. offers a resin exchange program for the exchange of the resin bag on the Closed Loop System. This program may be accessed from on our five exchange facilities located in Michigan, Maryland, Illinois, Florida, and California.

    When the resin has been exhausted you can send it back for the exchange to your local exchange facilities. The exchange includes proper disposal of your spent bag, a new 1 cu. ft. Resin bag filled with waterjet resin and a new 5 micron pre-filter disc.

    1 Cu. Ft Regeneration Coupon


    Price: $185.00


    "[Tech-Senseā„¢] saves on scrap parts and cuts down on wasted time by alerting us if the nozzle is clogged or if we run out of abrasive. This allows you to walk away and perform other tasks while the machine is running"

    - C & R Manufacturing >>

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