40K Pump Parts

  • Intensifier Upgrade Kit, 40K

    Kit now includes H2O Jet Hi-Load Piston Assembly 301023-2.

    Why Upgrade? You can double your meantime between seal overhaul!

    Assembly data:
    Description H2O Jet Part Quantity
    Plunger, Piston, Ceramic
    * H2O JET EXCLUSIVE! *, 40K
    100013-2 2
    Spacer, End Bell, 40K 100014-2 2
    Hi-Load Piston Assembly
    Learn more about this exciting product., 40K
    301023-2 1
    Check Valve Repair Kit; ^ 302003-1 2
    HP Seal Kit, 40K, 302004-2 1
    Rod Seal 400050-1062 2
    T-Seal, Rod 400051-22 2

    Intensifier Upgrade Kit, 40K


    Price: $3,270.54


    "[Tech-Senseā„¢] saves on scrap parts and cuts down on wasted time by alerting us if the nozzle is clogged or if we run out of abrasive. This allows you to walk away and perform other tasks while the machine is running"

    - C & R Manufacturing >>

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