40K Pump Parts

  • Intensifier Upgrade Kit, 40K

    Kit now includes H2O Jet Hi-Load Piston Assembly 301023-2.

    Why Upgrade? You can double your meantime between seal overhaul!

    Assembly data:
    Description H2O Jet Part Quantity
    Plunger, Piston, Ceramic
    * H2O JET EXCLUSIVE! *, 40K
    100013-2 2
    Spacer, End Bell, 40K 100014-2 2
    Hi-Load Piston Assembly
    Learn more about this exciting product., 40K
    301023-2 1
    Check Valve Repair Kit; ^ 302003-1 2
    HP Seal Kit, 40K, 302004-2 1
    Rod Seal 400050-1062 2
    T-Seal, Rod 400051-22 2

    Intensifier Upgrade Kit, 40K


    Price: $3,270.54


    "The Intec-G2 and QUANTUM NXT™ has reduced costs and given us a new ability to solve challenges in manufacturing. It has also given us quicker response to time sensitive projects."

    - Meyer Enterprises USA >>

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