Closed Loop Systems


    Complete Water Recycling System

    To allow the user to “close” the drain and capture used cutting water, filter it, and re-use it into the pump. The system drastically reduces water consumption (essentially eliminates it, except for some make-up water from splashing and evaporation) and provides re-used clean, filtered and treated water back to the high pressure pump. The system insures your water exceeds quality specifications and includes:

    • System Base for mounting all items
    • Stainless Steel Horizontal Centrifugal Filter Pump
    • Stainless Steel Water Reservoir for clean and dirty holding tank
    • Stainless Steel Bag Filter Vessel (coarse filtration)
    • Stainless Steel Hurricane Cartridge Filter Vessel (sub-micron filtration)
    • Stainless Steel Resin Vessel (TDS control)
    • Stainless Steel Delivery Pump to provide cutting/cooling water
    • Electrical Controls Enclosure
    • Ozone Generator for Bacteria Control




    "Because [the Quantum ESP] is so efficient, we are able to cut faster without the need to upgrade our power supply from the utilities company."

    - JET CUT Australia >>

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