Repair Services


We offer intensifier rebuild services; where we rebuild, restore, and return your intensifier. You send us your 60K or 94K intensifier assembly and we will restore it by replacing HP seals, rebuilding the check valves with check valve rebuild kits, replacing all low pressure seals, and inspecting the entire unit. We will let you know if something more needs attention. If you do not have a spare intensifier to run during rebuild just let us know! We offer spare, new, intensifiers to make sure you can stay running during the rebuild.


We offer consultation and repair services with access to a network of technicians around the United States. If you are having a problem with your machine, would like to discuss options to boost your productivity, or would like professional preventative maintenance done on your system, feel free to give us a call!


We have a range of videos and links to further your knowledge in the field of waterjet cutting. Videos include demonstrations of the low power consumption of ElectroServo Pumps and examples of the five-axis cutting capabilities of the PAC60 cutting head.

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