Intec-G2® I612


IMPORTANT NOTICE: The technical data is not binding and may be changed by Techni Waterjet without prior notice. All the above accuracy tolerances are correct at the calibration temperature of 20° ± 1° C.


Why use the Intec-G2® Series Waterjet Machine

Cut accurate parts in virtually any material.

Cut parts up to 12” thick in virtually any material.

Cut and manufacture Kitchen Benchtops easily.

Create frameless shower screens or cut window panels to size.

Create signs or intricate metal designs that can be used for artwork, tooling or fencing.

Simple to use
means no special skills required to produce accurate parts in any material.

Superior edge quality means more time saved on secondary finishing.

Lights out cutting
means the machine will keep making you money while you’re doing the thing you want or need to do.

Versatile cutting
allows you to cut multiple material types on the same bed without having to change tooling.

Cutting under cold water 
means the materials will not undergo any heat zones. This also means this is an ultra-safe way of cutting as no dust, fumes, toxic gasses or debris are let off into the atmosphere for your workers to breathe in. It also makes the working environment a lot quieter.

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