Aquajet Cutting Technology

Aquajet Cutting Technology is a division of Aerospace Alloys, Inc. (a UTC Supplier Gold Company) that was established in 1980 as the need to provide more value added services to our clients became a priority. We chose abrasive waterjet cutting as the technology of choice because it gave us the flexibility to be able to cut virtually any material.

The Grand Canyon was cut with water. You can’t do any better than that!

Our job shop operates 6 abrasive waterjet cutting machines with bed sizes that can handle material up to 14’ x 16 ‘ and offer the latest in 5-Axis cutting technology.

Our focus

Innovation has always been our focus, it’s what has defined us and has always made us so incredibly unique and a standalone company, among the rest. For over 20 years we provided abrasive waterjet job shop services and became the experts in the field of abrasive waterjet cutting. As the technology grew in popularity we saw our clients’ needs for abrasive waterjet cutting services increase and found that it was important to not only offer the services but the equipment, spare parts and technical support. We therefore aligned ourselves with Techni Waterjet as a partner to provide a virtually silent machine that saves energy costs and is green. A machine that has built in technology for decreased maintenance and sustainability that has already changed the face of the waterjet cutting industry which no other OEM can provide. We have also partnered with H20 Jet to provide spare parts, for a wide range of OEM users, to keep your waterjet running as efficiently as possible.

Our Showroom

Aquajet cutting technology has a showroom / production cell that features this technology. We invite you to visit the facility and to see for yourself the future of waterjet cutting. Walking in here, can change your life, change your business and give you the profits and freedom you are always striving for.

We’re all looking to be environmentally conscious; there is a universal agreement that we need a cleaner and greener manufacturing path. Why not start here!

In today’s highly competitive market, we are certain that Techni waterjet can give top manufacturers the edge to be more efficient and more cost competitive than ever before.

Magazines, Newspapers, Television, Film and Multi Media all tell us there is a global push for more energy efficient production capabilities. We want to be a part of that!

Forerunners of the business with expertise and experience in abrasive and non abrasive cutting of parts around the globe, we have cut materials from A to Z and we’ve collaborated with the best of the best in the industry to bring the highest standards, products and features to our clients.