As a division of Aerospace Alloys, Inc. we are uniquely placed in the market as a supplier of both raw materials, semi-finished parts and finished components. We are able to provide you material that is cut to your requirements or we can cut material that is provided to us. Abrasive waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, which enables us to offer our services to various industries, including the aerospace, medical and architectural industries. Whether it be specialty metals, stone, tile, glass, foam or rubber we can cut it all.

Our Focus

Innovation has always been our focus, it’s what has defined us and has always made us so incredibly unique and a standalone company, among the rest. For over 25 years we have provided abrasive waterjet job shop services and have become the experts in the field of abrasive waterjet cutting. We started by introducing the technology of Waterjet Cutting to New England with our own in-house capabilities and expanded from there. Since then we have become distributors for multiple OEM and after-market waterjet partners. We can offer full-service cutting, or help you to develop your own capabilities to do the same.


We have partnered with H2O Jet, Techni Waterjet and EBBCO Inc. in an effort to provide our customers with the latest technologies available. Each one of these companies offers the best in their own specialty fields. H2O Jet provides cutting solutions to existing waterjet owners in the field of spare parts and replacement pumps. Techni Waterjet has some of the most energy efficient technologies available from an OEM. EBBCO Inc. supplies filtration systems for new and existing waterjet cutting equipment. Aquajet Cutting Technology offers a one stop solution to all of your abrasive waterjet cutting needs.