QUANTUM™ Electric Servo Pump

The future in waterjet pumping technology

Quantum SPT is the first water jet pump manufacturer to utilize ”direct servo” technology in an ultra-high pressure waterjet pump and has developed patented designs to integrate the core technology into the most efficient, reliable and controllable UHP waterjet pump. Quantum Electric Servo Pump (ESP) takes minimal energy to generate pressure and flow. 

High-tech sensors covering the oil and water circuits are employed to warn the user of potentially harmful running conditions long before the pump stops with an alarm. 30+ years of waterjet experience have been used to develop algorithms to accurately predict which parts need attention. Thanks to this predictive maintenance, downtime is minimized.

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Asset 17@2x


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Light Series

Great for water-only, small footprint areas and food cutting

60,000 PSI Max

Power Series

Best all-around solution for general cutting

66,000 PSI Max

Ultimate Series

A Heavy-Duty pump built for speed

88,000 PSI Max

Ultimate Production Series

Heavy-Duty Production pump built for speed

88,000 PSI Max

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