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TECHNI Waterjet™ has developed a new and revolutionary Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Pump that was inspired by NASA’s program to replace hydraulic cylinders with direct servo linear actuator technology. The new product to be known as the Quantum ESP™ (Electric Servo Pump) took the same concept NASA used on it’s space shuttle program when replacing all hydraulic cylinders with the more compact, precise, controllable and reliable, direct servo linear actuators.


  • Environmentally Friendly & significantly less consumption of water & power, and minimal oil usage compared to standard hydraulic intensifiers
  • Most Efficient Waterjet Pump & up to 60% more efficient than standard hydraulic intensifiers
  • Most Quiet & 68dBA with almost silent operation
  • Easiest Maintenance & easy access and improved visual diagnostics
  • Lowest Cooling Water Requirement & up to 75% less cooling water than standard hydraulic intensifiers
  • Longest Life Fittings and Tubing & due to the elimination of “dead head” pressure spikes
  • Smallest Footprint & over 50% less sq. ft. than an average hydraulic intensifier and lower profile and more ergonomic
  • Superior Design – quick-change seal components for the fastest seal change in the industry
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